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Airfield combined water-jetting machine AKPM-3U

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Airfield combined water-jetting machine AKPM-3U

The AKPM-3U airfield combined water-jetting machine is designed to perform the following types of work:

  • watering and washing surfaces of artificial coatings;
  • cleaning surfaces of artificial coatings from sand, dust, small stones, debris, snow and other extraneous small particles;
  • watering roads, trees, shrubs and other green spaces;
  • washing of road signs;
  • fire extinguishing, if necessary.


Base Chassis Type URAL-43206-4151-79 URAL NEXT 43206-6151-71
Wheel formula 4х4 4х4
Make and engine power YaMZ-53622, 240hp YaMZ-53622, 240hp
Cab type capless NEXT, Bonnet, all-metal, two-door, triple. The plumage of the cab (fenders, hood, grille and other elements of the cab) is made of impact-resistant polymer materials.
Tank capacity, m³
- front compartment without extension 4
- front compartment with extension (technological capacity) 4,6
- rear compartment 1,2
Ground clearance, m
- under the brush bristles 0.1
- under the nozzles 0.3
Cylindrical brush with kapron pile
- type of brush drive Mechanical, automatically damping vertical vibrations by torque. The torque is transmitted from the PTO through the driveshaft to the bevel gearbox, then through a chain transmission to the brush shaft.
- gear ratio of bevel brush reducer 2,083
- brush chain ratio 1.25
Diameter of brush, mm 720 ± 5
Landing diameter of the shaft (pipe) of the brush, mm 118 ± 2
The angle of installation of the brush to the longitudinal axis of the machine, deg 62 ± 2
Brush discs
- brush disc type Non-spacer, with three dowels in the inner diameter of the disc ring, ensuring alignment of the brush disc with the brush shaft.
- inner diameter of the disk, mm 120 ± 2
- outer diameter of the disk, mm 720 ± 5
- disk width, mm 45 ± 1
- the number of discs in one brush, pcs. 65
Five-sided power take-off box, with end power take-off from gearbox intermediate shaft    
- location of KOM on the rear end face of the gearbox
- gear ratios from the drive shaft:    
on the upper shaft 0,68
on the middle shaft 0,68
to the lower shaft 1
- maximum transmitted power, kW (hp) 36 (51.6)
- maximum transmitted torque on the output lower shaft, Nm 120
Plow equipment
The design of the plow mount ensures swinging relative to the horizontal axis up to 5 degrees, in both directions and copying the roadway. The plow is rotary, single-shaft with a rubber share. Raising and turning the plow is performed by hydraulic cylinders controlled from the driver’s cab.
- The base of the plow is made of alloy steel sheet, mm 3
- in cross section, the base has the shape of an arc with a radius, mm 255
and straight section, mm 365
-Cross-section reinforced with six internal and two external flat stiffeners made of alloy steel with a thickness of mm 5
-The lower part of the plow is reinforced with a steel bent beam of rectangular cross section, mm (height / width) 100/70
thickness mm 7
- the middle part of the blade is reinforced with a round steel pipe, mm (outer diameter / wall thickness) 57/12
At the top of the plow is a visor made of reinforced sheet rubber, which prevents the snow from passing through the plow to the cab.    
- installation angle to the longitudinal axis of the machine in both directions, degrees 60 ± 1
- mass of plow equipment, kg 530
- wing height, mm ranging from 865 to 875
- angle of attack, degrees 13 ± 2
- overall dimensions, mm (length / width / height) 1550/3000/870
- the width of the plow at an angle of installation to the longitudinal axis of the machine = 60 deg., m 2.6
- the height of the plow, m 0.3
Water pump
- type Centrifugal cantilever with single-stage gearbox
- gear ratio of the water pump reducer 2
- productivity, m³ / h At least 60
- pressure, MPa At least 1.15
- water pump rotation speed, rpm At least 2500
- drive Mechanical, torque is transmitted from the PTO shaft through the driveshaft to the gearbox
- type Slotted
- quantity, pcs. 2
location in front of the car
- changing the direction of the jet: independent for each nozzle in the vertical and horizontal planes With a hydraulic swing mechanism with integrated rack and pinion gears, the swing mechanism is controlled by the levers of the manual control valve from the driver's cab
Fire barrel
location behind the cab
- changing the direction of the jet with a hydraulic swing mechanism with integrated rack and pinion gears; the swing mechanism is controlled by the levers of the manual control valve from the driver's cab
Hydraulic system
- type single-circuit, includes an oil tank (located in the cabin under the passenger seat), a gear pump, a seven-section valve with manual control (located in the cabin between the driver and passenger seats), copper pipelines, nap
- oil tank capacity, l 15
- pressure setting safety valve, MPa 12
The vacuum created by the vacuum water filling system for water intake from the reservoir, mm RT. st. At least 500
The total technological volume of slugs for placing the spare parts kit, m³ 1,1
Machine performance
Width of the processed strip, m
- when washing 8
- when watering 18
- during snow removal 2.6
- when sweeping 2.45
Maximum height of raked freshly fallen snow, m 0.4
Working pressure of water at the nozzle inlet, MPa 0.8
Vehicle speed, km / h:
- when washing in the range of 8-15
- when snow plowing with a conventional plow At least 35
Operational productivity, thousand m² / h
- when washing in the range of 64-120
- when watering in the range 225-540
- when snow plowing with a conventional plow 52
The length of the jet fire barrel, m At least 30
Filling time of the tank with water, min:
- when taking water from a reservoir to a height of at least 3 m. Not more than 4
- when refueling with water from the water supply network at a pressure of 0.5 MPa through the fire hydrant Not more than 10
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