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Electric aviation mobile unit APA-5-SA

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Electric aviation mobile unit APA-5-SA

Purpose of the product APA-5-CA

  • single and group electric start-up of aircraft engines of aircraft;
  • power supply of onboard electrical equipment of aircraft in ground conditions
  • towing aircraft to the parking and maintenance site


Load modes
"Load ~ 3ph 208 V 400 Hz" mode
Power, kVA not less than 100
Frequency, Hz / current rated 400 ± 2
Phase rotation order / number of channels A-B-C (direct) / 2
“Load ~ 3ph 37 V 400 Hz” mode option
Power, kVA not less / voltage linear 2 channels 1,5 / 36
Phase rotation order / number of channels A-C-B (reverse) / 2
"Load ~ 1ph 120 V 400 Hz" mode
Power, kVA not less / voltage linear 2x7.5
Frequency, Hz / current rated 400 ± 2
24 V Backplane Mode
Voltage, V 28.5 / 315
Number of channels 2
24/48 V Run Mode
Short-term power 2 channels, kW 54
Current rated / maximum 500/1500
Number of successive launches over 70s 8
"Start through ShRA-250M" mode
Linear voltage, V / rated current, A 28.5 / 250
Number of channels / power of 1 channel, kW 2 / 7.5
Primary energy sources
Three Phase Alternator BGCh-100
Power, kVA 100
Linear voltage, V 197 ÷ 208
Speed, rpm. 1500
constant voltage (current) source transformer rectifier unit
Power, kW / voltage, V 2x26 / 28.5
Rated current, And the number of channels 800/2
Overall dimensions and mass of the special vehicle
Length x Width x Height, mm 7770x2500x2800
Total mass of the unit, kg, no more 11000
Resources and lifetimes
Technical resource up to 1 / up to 2 cap. Repair, h 4000/7500
Assigned Life / Storage, years 41774
Terms of Service
Temperature, C -45 to 45
Simultaneous maintenance of 2 sides maybe
Aircraft Towing possible
Attendants 1 person
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