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Snowplow milling and rotor SFR-1 mod. 101-SA

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SFR-1 mod. 101-SA
Snowplow milling and rotor SFR-1 mod. 101-SA

The rotor snow blower is the next step in the development of screw rotor snow blowers. It differs not only by a more powerful motor but also by a revised drive circuit and the working body itself allowing cleaning at the lowest cost as the best foreign analogues.


Type of execution Single engine
Snow Blower Type Rotor milling
Chassis URAL - 4320
Wheel formula 6х6
Technical productivity, t / h  
- at a bottom height of 0.6-0.8 m. and snow density 0.5t / m3 2500
- when the height of the snow roll is up to 0.5 m, not less 3000
Number of rotors 1
Rotor diameter, mm 1100
Number of screws 3
Cutter Diameter, mm 1060
Screw rotation speed, rpm 295
The maximum width of the strip being cleaned in one pass, mm. 2900
The maximum thickness of the snow cleared in one pass, mm. 1500
The maximum range of rejection of the bulk of the snow, m 40-50
Drive of working body and running gear Mechanical from a two-speed KOM with a built-in creeper under the hood of the car instead of a regular engine
Management of the working body Hydraulic
Make of the engine for the drive of the working body and chassis


Diesel, turbocharged, direct fuel injection, liquid cooled.

Power - 294 kW (400 HP)

Location and number of engine cylinders - V-8

- model Teplostar 14TS
- accommodation In the back of the cab
Electrical equipment:  
- Rated voltage, V 24
- Accumulator battery 2 pcs. capacity 190 A * h each
Transmission Mechanical, five-speed, three-way
Undercarriage clutch Single-disk with PGO
Transfer case Mechanical, two-stage with a locking center differential
Driving bridges Feed-through type with the upper arrangement of the main gear, with BMKD
Cardan drive Open type with needle bearing joints
- front On two semi-elliptic springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
- back Boom balancer
Cabin All-metal, triple, equipped with ventilation system
Steering With double-acting hydraulic booster
Service brake system With pneumatic-hydraulic dual-circuit drive
Speed, km / h  
- with creeper on 0,3-4,04
- with the creeper off 3,5-48
Fuel consumption in operating mode, l / h no more than 50
Fuel consumption per 100 km of transport mileage, l no more than 45
Cruising range in transport mode, km 1100
Overall dimensions (long * width * height) mm. 10142х2900х3076
Curb Snowblower Weight 15410
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