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About company

Zavod SpetsAgregat (SpetsAgregat plant) - ten years of hard work, speed and efficiency are hidden behind this name.

Our plant is constantly developing existing production lines and launching new ones. The main difference is the highest level of engineering of the projects of any complexity, own full-cycle production lines and modern equipment.

General specialized equipment, non-standard equipment - this is what we work on every day, and with confidence and ease we can assure: “Everything we undertake, we make at its best!”

Company mission

We work in a result-oriented environment, introducing new technologies and improving the existing ones.

We value every client and are ready to implement any technical solution.

We guarantee the highest quality of our product and a liberal pricing policy.

Company strategy

At the heart of our work lie honesty and trust in our partners.

Long-term mutually beneficial relations are the main criterion for successful activity.

Our team consists of dedicated, experienced employees, focused on results and efficiency.

Corporate film

Stability and financial independence are of great importance to the SpetsAgregat plant.

Believe in the best! Making for people!

History of the company

The history of the SpetsAgregat plant goes back as far as 1999.

1999 year.

Former employees of the machine-building production at the Ural Automotive Plant made a team decision to create their own production line, the main functions of which would include designing and manufacturing of specialized non-standard equipment.

2005 year.

Legally Zavod SpetsAgregat company (SpetsAgregat plant), was registered on July 1, 2005. Historically, the plant was engaged in manufacture of specialized machine assemblies for installation on cars. Experts monitored the work at all stages - from the birth of an idea to the manufacture of a prototype. During the first years, the main direction of the plant was the production of reduction drives and other components for specialized types of equipment.

2007 year.

In the recession year, when investors stopped investing in the development of production, the General Director has decided to create our own mass production of a complex type of specialized equipment, namely, a snow blower. At that time, the only manufacturer of snow blowers in Russia, OAO Severodvinsk Road Vehicle Plant, was at the bankruptcy stage.

2008 year.

As a result, a prototype screw rotor was produced in 2008.

2009 year.

In 2009, the first batch of 13 rotary snow blowers was launched into production.

2011 year.

By 2011, the number of manufactured snow blowers was 117. The progress is obvious. In 2011, the rotor milling attachments manufacturing was also added to the production.

2012 year.

In 2012, forklift trucks were released. Also 2012 was marked by the transition of the plant to its own production facilities, which opened up even more prospects for the development of new production branches in the industry. 2 production buildings, total area of the administration and amenity block - 2.4 hectares.

2013 year.

In 2013, 130 vehicles were manufactured.

2014 year.

In 2013, 140 vehicles were manufactured.

2015 year.

In 2015, 238 vehicles were manufactured. Our excellent performance led to the creation of new models of equipment. As of today the all-weather multipurpose road maintenance vehicle (VMKD) on the Ural and Kamaz chassis; powered ground support vehicle for aircraft starting are in mass production. Today, the company fully produces specialized equipment that is successfully used not only in Russia, but also in the neighboring and far-abroad countries.

2016 year.

Development of custom projects of any complexity with account for individual wishes and requirements of the customer. The production of a cataphoretic priming line for enterprises of the country's military-industrial complex is developed in 2016 as a part of the import substitution program. In the future, the plant plans to expand the range of products; develop technologies such as gear grinding and hardening with high-frequency currents; produce prospecting new models: vehicles based on a front-end loader, air start unit, gas-charging stations, mobile car repair shops, timber trucks, fire engines.

Facts about SpetsAgregat

Stability and financial independence are of great importance to the SpetsAgregat plant.

We always look to the future and work today on the "tomorrow"!

Fast product
We have been
working since 1999
2.4 ha total
production area
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from the factory
10 years equipment
service life
General Director

We work in a result-oriented environment, introducing new technologies and improving the existing ones

We value every client and are ready to implement any technical solution


Evgeny Vladimirovich

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